I just wanted to do a quick post here to let you know that Esty crocheter nerdJERK is now vlogging on her blog. Steph (nerdJERK) does really cool work that combines traditionally “male” nerdy things (like video games) with traditionally “female” crafts (like crochet) to create really fun items. Check out the interview I did with her previously here.

In her first vlog she explains that her hands are caving in to the repetitive tasks associated with crafting. She really wants to keep up her awesome crochet work (which she does all herself, of course) so she’s trying to find other areas in life where she can cut back a little bit on the use of her hands. That’s why she’s started vlogging – making the transition from the repetitive keystrokes of blogging to the easier-on-the-hands (and more interactive in a way) art of vlogging.

Going good so far. Keep it up nerdJERK!

Has anyone else had to modify their various tasks to keep their hands healthy for crocheting?


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