I have an ongoing series on this blog where I expand upon one of the lists on my 25 inspiration lists for crocheters. We’re up to number 6 on that list – 25 crochet artists to learn more about. I’m a huge fan of crochet art and profile artists on here regularly (each Monday). You can visit this page to learn more about most of the crochet artists on this list (and be assured that the others will be on that page soon!)

For now, just the list:

Update: I’ve now added links to all of the articles on these artists so that you can learn more about each of them.


Crochet piano by Olek

Leslie Blackmon

Crochet pig from Leslie Blackmon

Emily Barletta

Crochet art from Emily Barletta

Nathan Vincent

nathan vincent

Miller & Shellabarger

2008 crochet tube

Miller & Shellabarger crocheting: art installation

Orly Genger

No-hooks crochet rope jewelry by Orly Genger

Carol Hummel

Large crochet crib from Carol Hummel

Xenobia Bailey

Crochet mandalas from Xenobia Bailey

Theresa Honeywell

Knit and Crochet Motorcycle by Theresa Honeywell

Barbara Koenen

Crochet grenade cozy by Barbara Koenen

Crystal Gregory

Sheila Pepe

 Sheila Pepe Interactive Crochet Exhibit

Sara Christensen Blair

Birth control packs with crochet by Sara Christensen Blair

Tracy Krumm

Metal crochet husks by Tracy Krumm

Elaine Bradford

 Elaine Bradford crochet art exhibit at library

Jo Hamilton

2012 crochet art portrait from Jo Hamilton

Laurel Roth

Laurel Roth text + crochet art piece

Mandy Greer

From Mandy Greer’s 10 year retrospective art book

Shauna Richardson

Shauna Richardson, Lionheart crochet project

Robere Mertens

Outdoor exhibit, Robere Mertens

Patricia Waller

From the Broken Heroes series by Patricia Waller

Joana Vasconcelos

Doily covered lions by Joana Vasconcelos

Jack Davis

Jack Davis 2011

Ming-Yi Sung

Portion of Crochet Island, 2006, Ming Yi Sung

Caroline Routh

Tapestry crochet from Caroline Routh

Do you have a favorite crochet artist? How many of the people on this list are you familiar with?


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