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This is the home of Attic24, one of the inspiring crocheters whose homes I’d love to retreat to!

Crochet is a terrific home-based craft. It is colorful. It is rich in texture. It is detailed in design. If your home needs some freshening up then one of the easiest ways to make it look amazing is to get to work with your crochet hook. Here are ten ways that you can liven up a dull space with crochet:

1. Crochet your own unique pillow covers.

One of my favorite ways to dress up my home is with pillows. They can be tossed on any piece of furniture or even on the floor and they bring instant color, texture and style to the space. Crochet pillow covers can be changed out periodically to keep your decor fresh and fun.

One of my crochet pillows

2. Hang crochet art on your walls.

I am a huge fan of crochet art and a firm believer that anyone who can crochet can make great art for the home. A single crocheted motif hung in a nice frame can really liven up the space. Alternatively crochet can be added to mixed media art projects to decorate the space in a really personal and creative way.

Crochet-Inspired Wall Art from Elle Decor

3. Create textured wallpaper out of crochet.

Awhile back I saw an idea for hanging long strands of yarn side by side across a room to create textured wallpaper. I think that an even more interesting form of removable wallpaper would be to hang long garlands of decorative crochet hanging down from the top of the wall to create texture across an entire space.

4. Crochet your own fake flowers to liven up your space.

Crochet flowers can be put together into a bouquet and then placed in a flower pot or vase to make your home more aesthetically enjoyable. Here are some of my crochet flowers:

crochet flowers

5. Crochet a border around something.

A crochet border around a fireplace mantle, around a series of photographs that are framed and hung on the wall or around a window can provide great decorative appeal to your space.

6. Make a crochet magazine rack.

Simply crochet a thick rectangle with chunky durable yarn, fold it in half, sew up the sides and use nails or hangers to hang the crochet magazine rack on your wall. Fill it with a few of your favorite magazines and enjoy!

7. Crochet new curtains.

If you are feeling like taking on a more ambitious project this summer then crocheting new window coverings would be a great way to liven up your space. Check out these free crochet patterns for curtains for inspiration.

8. Cover your chairs with crochet.

Crochet chair coverings can be removed and washed as needed but add a nice pop of color and texture to your space. I have some folding chairs that I keep in my living room and have simply tossed a crochet circle (a large yarn doily, basically) over the backs of these chairs to make them prettier.

9. Make a crochet rug.

A rug of any kind can add depth and design to your space. A crochet rug made with yarn, t-shirt yarn or even rope can be a funky way of making your home more intriguing to the eye.

crochetinpaternoster crochet doily rug

T-shirt Yarn Doily Rug by Crochetinpaternoster

10. Put your yarn on display.

Most of us who crochet have a large yarn stash. We keep it in closets and in storage bins and in bags and in dresser drawers. But all of that yarn is colorful and gorgeous and really shouldn’t be hidden away. Find a way to display it in cubicles on your walls to add decorative flair to your home. Plus you’ll be more likely to want to use your stash. Hint – if you have pets or children then you’ll want to have some type of removable acrylic or glass to hide the yarn behind while still keeping it on display.


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