I was just reading an online news article out of Hawaii that tells the true tale of a woman named Barbie Kihara. Barbie is a fixture in her community. She volunteers at many different places throughout the community including a recreation center and a nursing home. But where people really know her from is McDonald’s.

Five or six days out of the week Barbie can be found at her local McDonald’s. She spreads her crochet and knitting work out at her table and hangs out there while crafting. She apparently sometimes stays for as long as fourteen hours at a time, returning a day or two later to do it all again.

This is not a new habit that the 76-year-old woman has adopted either. She has been crocheting at that McDonald’s like this for 18 years!

This brings up so many questions that I am curious about. Such as:

  • What does she most love to make? The article says she was working on a blue sweater and also has made graduation leis, blankets and newborn beanies. I wonder what she really loves crocheting or knitting the most.
  • Do people talk to her about her work? I know that when I crochet in public people always want to talk to me about so I am assuming that the whole thing is highly social, especially since she’s there all of the time. I wonder how accurate my assumption is.
  • Is she healthy? I can’t help but wonder what the heck this woman eats if she’s at Mickey D’s every day and whether or not it’s healthy. What can I say – I’m of the generation that saw Supersize Me. :)

Do you crochet in public spaces? Where?


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  1. I was wondering about the healthy thing, too! So awesome that she’s doing so much! Supersize me changed my whole view about fast food, too. LOL! ;)

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Andi – There’s supposed to be a rebuttal movie to Supersize Me about the guy who has been eating MickeyD’s daily for years but I’ve never bothered to check it out.

  2. I used to crochet while I was waiting for movies or meeting with friends, but once I was married my husband was so embarrassed that I now keep my crochet all at home. Silly, I know, but he’s always with me now so I guess I don’t need my crochet to keep me as entertained!

  3. Well, she made it to 76 and she’s been doing this for 18 years!

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