On Wednesdays I try to show off something that I’ve crocheted myself. This jewelry hanger was a bit of an impromptu item that I’ve ended up really liking.

You see, it started out as a blanket. I had that black and white yarn (I think it was a Red Heart Yarn but to be honest I don’t remember for sure) as well as some other colors and I thought that I’d make strips of them and put them together as a blanket. It’s just a straightforward treble crochet stitch. However, I didn’t like the way this strip looked with the solid colors for a blanket so I just had this long strip of fabric.

At some point, I decided I’d see how it looked on the wall. What I ended up doing was hanging it in a kind of abstract fashion that carves out a section of the wall and frames it. It makes the perfect showcase for my jewelry. I don’t own a whole lot of jewelry, but I do have some (obviously). The earrings and some of the other pieces tuck right into the stitches and hang easily. Other items are hung on nails that are placed strategically around the holder.

As for that black and white crocheted flower thing on the side … well, I’m not sure what that is. I made the flowers first. Then at some later point in time I decided to put the flowers together to make a belt but I didn’t like how it looked like a belt so I just hung it on the wall as decoration. It may get a new life in the future when I find some other idea for it.

I like crochet on the walls!


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