Do you always find yourself crocheting the same items over and over in different variations (scarves, hats and blankets, for example?) One good way to get yourself out of this rut is to make a list of twenty five different items that you can crochet. Not variations on the same item (like 25 ways to crochet a scarf) but actually different items. Then start checking items off the list, not repeating any item until the list is complete.

Here is an example list of 25 different items to crochet. I’ve chosen one item that represents something in each category but of course your list and the patterns to go with it could be of just about anything.

1. Crochet hat

This hemp crochet hat is sold on Etsy by WhatsOliviaWearing

2. Crochet blanket

This was one of the large granny square blankets I made

3. Crochet scarf

Check out my roundup of 100 unique crochet scarves for inspiration! This one is the Crochet Cobweb Scarf by AnaKrafts.

4. Crochet sweater

This is an openwork warm weather crochet sweater. It’s sold on Etsy by greenroad.

5. Crochet dress

This is my “shades of purple” crochet dress (worked without a pattern)

6. Crochet tie

The men’s crochet tie pictured here comes from a crochet pattern sold by Poetry in Yarn

7. Crochet swimsuit

The swimsuit featured is sold by ManieOne, maker of many terrific crochet swimsuits. Check out my roundup of 30 beautiful crochet swimsuits to get inspiration or else check out the list of 10 best free crochet swimsuit patterns.

8. Crochet stuffed animal

Sherwin the Alpaca from South America is a crochet pattern in Stacey Trock’s book Crocheted Softies

9. Crochet vest

This cute crochet vest is actually made by crocheting aluminum pop tabs together. It’s sold by Walleska EcoChicc.

10. Crochet skirt

This beautiful crochet skirt is a PDF pattern sold by ElevenHandmade

11. Crochet doily

The untraditional doily featured here is one of the Neo-Doilies made by artist Asiminia Chremos. You can check out other doily art by NeSpoon and Kristen Wicklund. Once you’ve made a crochet doily, there are many things you can do with it. Check out my posts on upcycling doilies and beautiful doily dresses.

12. Crochet jacket

This beautiful crochet coat is a pattern sold on Etsy by queenieamanda.

13. Crochet necklace

This is the Nymph Child Crochet Necklace sold on Etsy by HorizonsEd3e

14. Crochet bag or purse

I love this statement purse; the crochet pattern is sold on Etsy by livinginamethyst

15. Crochet cover for iPod, iPad, etc.

This crochet iPad cozy is sold on Etsy by TheLeftHandedHooker. If you have an iPod/ iPad you might want to check out all of the yarn and crochet apps that are available.

16. Crochet pillow or pillowcase

Do of Just-Do shared this great crochet star pillow she made

17. Crochet gloves

This image was part of my roundup of 20 beautifully styled crochet photos. I love those gloves.

18. Crochet corset

Crochet corset from AnniesWearableArt on Etsy

19. Crochet socks

These socks are Calvin Kleins

20. Crochet shoes or slippers

These shoes were part of my Etsy Treasury of crochet shoes. They are custom made crochet boots sold on Etsy by BeautifulPurpose.

21. Crochet wine bag / gift bag

Here is a list of 25 crochet bag patterns to get you inspired!

22. Crochet shrug / bolero

This one is an oversize crochet shrug that I made although I usually prefer short tighter-fitting shrugs.

23. Crochet object cozy (such as a teapot cozy, a cup cozy, etc.)

This teapot cozy is from MemeRose who sells her work in the Etsy shop Dolly Daydreaming

24. Crochet potholder

This is an art exhibit of colorful crochet potholders by Anu Tuominen. Of course, you could just start with one

25. Freeform / abstract crochet item!

Art Chair by Denise Royal inspired by Munch’s The Scream from International Freeform Challenge

This list is part of my ongoing series of 25 lists of 25 inspiring things for crocheters. Need ideas for some of these pieces – my list of 25 crochet books could get you started!


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. I really need a sweater vest scarf for a tattoo convention so that my back is open! any ideas?

    • Kathryn

      Ooh @Jazzi, that’s a great question. I don’t know but I’m going to put the question out there to my Twitter and G Plus peeps and see if anyone can help.

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