Back in February I wrote a post about the Beans for Brains Scholarship, a merit-based scholarships program that provides 6 $3000 scholarships to college students who are also crocheters or knitters. I saw on the Jimmy Beans Wool blog this weekend that the winners of the 2011-2012 scholarship program have been announced and I just wanted to say again that I think that this is probably the coolest college scholarship program that I have ever heard of!

It looks like most of this year’s scholarship winners were knitters. However, there is at least one crocheter on the list. Her name is Emma Coates and she’s a University of Cincinnati student who is the winner for the Midwest Region scholarship. If you head over to the Jimmy Beans Wool blog (link above) then you can see the fascinating cheeseburger-inspired dress that she crocheted herself for homecoming. You can clearly see the cheeseburger influence but only after you know what it is – how creative!

Congrats to all of the scholarship winners!


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