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Can you crochet in the dark? You could if you had illuminated crochet hooks. Could you crochet while walking? You could if you practiced. How do I know? Because a group called the Happy Hookers is doing it and they’re doing it for a good cause.

The Warrington Guardian reports that the group (who also call themselves the Witches Institute) is made up of four friends: Helena Eggleton, Ellen Hitchen, Amanda Critchley and Rachel Guy. They started getting together in November over a bottle of wine and working together to learn how to walk in the dark and crochet at the same time.


They are doing it to raise money for the St. Rocco’s Hospice by participating in the St. Rocco’s Starlight Walk in a fresh and unique way. This annual fundraiser is a thirteen mile ladies-only walk that happens in the dead of night in the UK. Each walker gets support from others to raise money for the hospice.

There are so many fundraisers today that it makes sense to try to do something unique to encourage people to give you funds. Someone who may not want to contribute to a normal walk might find it interesting that you’re trying to walk in the dark while crocheting and they might be willing to give a little bit of money to support you.

The ladies say that they are hoping to turn their crocheted creations into a blanket at the end of the walk, which they will then auction off to raise even more money for the hospice. What a cool plan!


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