Fiber artist Tiffany Dyer has created a crochet fortress that will be on display in Nashville for most of May. It is an installation piece actually titled Fortress that is on exhibit at Blend Studio in the city’s downtown region.

Dyer considers herself a collector, someone who finds abandoned materials and repurposes them into works of art. For this piece she has collected crochet afghans and other crochet items that were abandoned by their original owners and has turned them into a shelter.

A Facebook posting about the event describes:

“She is questioning the idea of home and safety within by creating a fantastical place where one can get lost in the shapes, colors and textures. From large round, crochet objects hanging from above to small pockets of mystery on the wall this will be an experience of childhood memories and adult fantasies.”

Sounds like a magical experience! The opening reception for Fortress is on the evening of May 7th for any of you crochet art lovers who happen to be in Nashville!


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  1. this is cool, i am about an hour down the road, need to go and check this out!

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