Jane Peck is a woman who lives an unassuming life in Wilmington, New York. However sometimes it is the quiet lives that make a difference in the long run. That’s the case with Peck who gives her time to others less fortunate than herself, primarily through donating her knit and crochet items to those in need. Her efforts have won her a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Lora Bushy of Lake Placid News reports that the Whiteface Visitors Bureau presented Peck with the award in March at their annual Newcomers’ Dinner. She further reports that Peck is a faith-based woman who believes that her handiwork is a service that she can perform for others. She donates her time in various ways but especially through her handiwork.

Some of the knit / crochet donations that she’s made include:

  • Handmade garments for children in cold areas
  • Other warm weather garments for children in orphanages around the world
  • Cozy coverings for amputees’ limbs
  • Afghans for nursing home residents
  • Various donations to her church and the causes it supports

Above you can see Peck working on a ripple afghan, photo from the original article.


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