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“Millie Kasperowicz says she would rather crochet than eat snacks.” What a great first line for a news article, isn’t it? That’s the first line that writer Moriah Mifka used in her article about a woman who is crocheting hard to contribute to the Warming Up America Project.

The project is designed to provide much-needed afghans to the project. Individuals crochet their own 7″ x 9″ squares for contribution to the national project, which is in its second decade. Kasperowicz is a senior volunteer who has already contributed more than 2500 blocks on her way to meeting a personal foal of making 3000 blocks.

In the article, this crocheting woman says that the craft helps to keep her mind off of food. That makes sense when you think about it. When you are just sitting at home doing nothing (or watching TV or whatever) there is a tendency to snack. We do it out of boredom, restlessness and habit. When our hands and minds are busy with crochet there may be less of a tendency to pick up the snacks.

What do you think? Does crochet keep you eating healthier because it limits your snack intake?


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  1. Absolutely. If I’m crocheting, I can’t eat. No grazing while I watch TV means a skinnier me!

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Mags … Thanks for testing out the comments for me. Really appreciate it.

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