I just discovered a call for submissions for a new free crochet webzine that is coming out this fall. I’m excited to see what this site has to offer when it launches and wanted to share the info with others.

The site is called Crochetvolution. It id described in the “about me” section of the site as:

“Simply put, Crochetvolution is a free quarterly online publication focused on crochet. Not just any crochet, but the best, most interesting, incredible crochet that is imagined by talented crafters and designers today. Our first issue is scheduled to go live in early fall 2011, and we look forward to this wonderful opportunity for writers, designers, and most of all crocheters to come together and make something different in the world of crochet. This is a very exciting time to work with a hook!”

I am really curious to see who comes together to create articles and patterns for this new publication. I am also curious about the crocheters part … from what I can tell on the site people are invited to submit their crochet work that is based off of other people’s designs. I think on the one hand this could be a great way to pay homage to the work of designers that we love but I assume (hope?) that there is some kind of restriction in terms of making sure that the designer approves having their pieces in the publication in this way.

I have a few things in mind to contribute myself (as a writer, possibly as a designer). I’ve missed the first deadline, which was May 1st, so I have a little bit of time to think about it before the next deadline in August.

What are your thoughts?


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