Oftentimes crocheters choose to make accessories because they are less time-consuming and cost less to make than larger garments. That’s why I’m happy to share two quotes that celebrate accessories. They are both by Laura Zukaite in the introduction to her book Luxe Knits: The Accessories: Couture Adornments to Knit & Crochet.

She says:

“You can dress up or dress down depending on how you use a scarf, a pair of wristlets, or a hat, changing your look throughout the day by switching which accessories you wear.”

She also says:

“It is so much fun to play with your accessories throughout the day, changing them to reflect your mood, whether you’re feeling casual and maybe a little carefree in the morning or elegant and supremely sophisticated at night. And it is even more fun when they become the key elements of your style, displayed as distinctive adornments that you build an entire look around.”

Do you agree about the great value of accessories?


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