Crochet thread bear by bearsnhares on Etsy


Would you like to crochet a teddy bear for a good cause and have the chance to win a crochet book at the same time? Well, if you can get your hooks going and get an item done by May 31st then you can do just that!

Here are the details:

  • The contest is being run through the In Stitches knitting blog. It is open to both knitters and crocheters.
  • The purpose is to donate cozy teddy bears to Alzheimer’s patients to help bring them comfort and joy.
  • The bears are being donated to Grace Healthcare in New Jersey.
  • You can use any teddy bear crochet pattern that you want.
  • Alternatively you can donate lapghans or shawls.
  • You get one contest entry for every teddy you send. These will be entered into a drawing to win a knitting or crochet book. The names of the books have not been released so that part is just a surprise.
  • The person who crochets or knits the most items gets a grand prize of beaded stitch markers that can be used in crochet fabric. Note that the contest has been going on for about six weeks already so you’d probably have to work hard to make the most items – but it’s all going to a good cause anyway, right?

Follow the above link to the In Stitches blog for the official submission form, the mailing address and all of the other details.


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  1. Pam MacKenzie Reply

    Thanks for the publicity! I have links to 5 free crochet patterns for bears and 5 free knit patterns for bears on the InStitches blog at

    But you can use any pattern you want. Sizes don’t matter.

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Pam – Thanks for dropping by with that extra link!!

  2. sandra pannell Reply

    would like to buy pattern of tiny teddiebear that is beige wearing pink sweater w/2 brown buttons

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