This week’s crochet book review is of Joanne Seiff’s Fiber Gathering: Knit, Crochet, Spin, and Dye More than 25 Projects Inspired by America’s Festivals. Although it isn’t strictly for crocheters, it’s a really fun book that I think any crocheter will appreciate. It showcases some of the most popular fiber arts festivals in the nation and has projects inspired by those festivals. What a great summer read! The author herself traveled to each one of the festivals in the book (um, jealous!) so there is a genuine sense of appreciation, enjoyment and adventure that threads all of the pages together.

Who this book is for

This book is ideal for anyone who adores fairs and festivals where fiber arts are featured. If you’ve been to some then you will get nostalgic looking at them in this book. If you want to go to more, this book can give you great ideas about some of the ones you would really like to attend. And even if you’re not much of a traveler you may find that you enjoy vicariously “attending” the festivals by reading about them in Seiff’s book!

Because the projects in the book are for various crafts, this book can be used by people with diverse interests in fiber arts. It is ideal for those who not only crochet but also knit, spin and more. Because it’s heavy on non-crochet projects it’s good for crocheters who are ready to branch out into other areas of the fiber arts. However, it’s a good read for anyone interested in fiber art at all. Warning – it’ll make you want to attend a fiber festival!

Format of this fiber arts book

This book begins with a great introduction (which I’ve already quoted once on this blog). Then the book is followed by four major sections, which divide the nation’s popular fiber festivals by region: Northeast, South, Midwest and West.

Each section has 2-4 chapters. Each chapter consists of one festival. The chapter describes the festival, discusses some of the festival’s most outstanding features (such as its demonstrations) and then has the step-by-step instructions for at least one project. The project may be something that can be crocheted or knitted or it may be a related art. For example, one of the projects for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is “Learning to Hand Dye Multicolored Yarn”.

At the end of the book you will find a guide to techniques used in the projects (including text instructions with pictures), a list of resources for the items recommended in the book and a complete index.

Crochet projects featured

I’m sad to say that the book is heavy on knitting and other non-crochet projects (although some of them do feature crochet edging). Nevertheless, there are a few projects for crocheters in this book. They are:


Crocheted Wool Roving Seat Pad


Crochet Mountain Ripple Socks


Men’s Crochet Mock Cable Sweater

Where should I go?

I have yet to attend a single fiber festival (we have A LOT of types of festivals in the city of San Francisco but that isn’t one of them). I would like to make it to some in the near future, though. Where have you been and would you recommend it?


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  1. I’ve either got this one or I checked it out from the library. Hmmm…now I have to go home and check! You’re right though, very little crochet in it.

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Kat – so glad to hear that the book arrived. I hope you enjoy it!

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