I got the chance to go to the Discarded 2 Divine fashion fundraiser event last week. Of the 150 designs that were featured at the event, only a few were crochet. Lots were amazing, though! In this event designers take clothing that has been discarded and they upcycle it into new fashions that are auctioned off in both a silent auction and live auction as a fundraiser for the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

It’s a cool event. The silent auction was particularly enjoyable … an hour or so spent walking around and looking at the fashions up close. That was followed by a fashion show and live auction of twelve of the pieces. Some crochet highlights:

This piece was called The Pauper’s Daughter. The full piece was multiple crochet / knit items that had been repurposed into a full length dress with a denim bustier top. The part I loved, though, was the reclaimed sweater that was crocheted and combined with hangers to make that lovely coral parasol.

Adored this Gloved Collar!

Bask it in Lace was a layered piece with a really feminine flirtiness about it.

Hocus Pocus, the piece on the left, was actually my favorite piece of all of them. However, Dressing Cypripedia, on the right has more of a crochet influence.

The fashions in the crowd were at least as wonderful to look at as the fashions available for auction!


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