Pam’s Comfort Cables Afghan


It isn’t often that I recommend to readers that they buy a specific pattern. In fact, I actually think this might be the first time (although I do RT and link love patterns I like). Mostly that’s because there are soooo many great patterns out there and everyone likes something different that I think it’s silly for me to recommend specific patterns as being right for everyone. But I just have to recommend this one because not only am I crazy in love with the pattern but there’s a great story behind it and your pattern purchase goes to support a good cause.

The pattern is for the Pam’s Comfort Cables Afghan. This afghan was created by a group of great crocheters who came together to give something wonderful and warm to a fellow crochet designer when she found out that she had breast cancer. That kind of support is sweet but I probably wouldn’t have paid a second glance to the tale if it weren’t for the fact that the afghan itself is so amazing. Each square of the afghan is a different type of crochet cable pattern. Every single one is beautiful and put together they are just terrific.

Crochet cables are gorgeous and fun and most of us don’t try to do them often enough. I think this pattern would be a great sampler to practice with and it would produce a lovely product that you could treasure or give to someone else to treasure.

I’m sure that the afghan recipient (Pam) was happy just to receive this gift but the afghan’s designers have taken things further. They have convinced Knit Picks (which the yarn came from) to sell the pattern online (and the yarn, of course, if you want to get it from there). All of the proceeds of these pattern sales go to help Pam in her fight against breast cancer.

Read all about this afghan here and follow the link on that site to where you can buy the pattern. It’s only $4.99 although you may spend more if you want to buy all of the yarn for it at the same time (nice and convenient!) The pattern is for 24 different crochet cable squares so you’re basically getting a crochet cables pattern book for a nice low price. I’ve already bought my pattern although I didn’t get the yarn at the same time because I was feeling super indecisive about what colors I want to use. It’ll be easier to decide when I figure out who I might want to give the afghan to!


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