Crochet graduation cap by Andrea’s Garden


I share a lot of stories on this blog about older women who spend their time crocheting. I think it’s a great story to share because crocheting in older age is common, has health and mental health benefits and is often something that these women do to give back to their communities. However I don’t want to suggest that I think crochet is the only productive thing for old ladies to do. If they want to spend their time crocheting then that’s great (heck, who doesn’t want to spend all day crocheting?!) but of course they should be able to pursue other things as well if they so desire.

That’s why I was drawn to a Shelby Star article recently that shared the tale of Loretta Patton, a 92-year-old woman who just received her GED. Patton does crochet but she wanted to do something that was even more gratifying for herself. She had never obtained a college degree and she wanted to get one. She didn’t pass the GED the first time … or the second time … because she had difficulty with the math (which a lot of crocheters do even though it’s a highly math-based craft!) But she kept at it, passed the math portion of the test and is actually being honored with a diploma from Cleveland Community College for her efforts.

What an inspirational woman!


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