Crochet doily by Stella Kittle, photo credit: Timothy Becker

If you follow my blog then you know that I am a sucker for stories about old, old women who are still crocheting. I explained why here but mostly it’s just fun to hear the tales of women who keep on crocheting year upon year. So of course I paid attention when I saw that the Manchester Patch had done an interview with a 103-year-old woman who still crochets.

She did decide to give up her driver’s license (at the age of 99!) but that doesn’t stop her from staying busy. In fact, Stella Kittel crochets (or knits) daily. She makes approximately one hat per week out of her yarn craft efforts. And that’s not all that she does to stay busy. She takes two walks per day averaging about twenty five minutes of walking time. She says that she’s never had a serious illness or even had the flu!

What a cool woman to add to my collection of awesome elderly crocheters!


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