I frequently share news about people who crochet for charity. There are so many great folks out there who are doing amazing volunteer crochet work. For example, there was the 11 year old who donated 50 hours of her time to crocheting for charity and the woman who actually gave 50,000 hours to volunteer service including crocheting for charity. So what’s so special about Ruth Zucchi who helped coordinate an effort to donate 250 crocheted hats to St. Jude’s? Well, she didn’t know how to crochet before she embarked on this crocheting adventure.

It isn’t uncommon for people with little or no crochet experience to volunteer their time to organized crocheting for charity causes. In fact, most announcements about such events include that you don’t need to be an experience crocheter to participate. After all, crochet is super easy to learn. However, it isn’t all that common for someone who has never crocheted before to think to herself that she wants to crochet hats for needy kids and to create a plan to do so on a large scale. That didn’t stop Ruth Zucchi.

Zucchi hadn’t crocheted in her life but she really wanted to do something for children suffering from cancer and she thought about donating hats to them, a common way to help people who are going through chemotherapy treatments. She convinced 6 other folks to help her crochet hats and one of those women volunteered to teach Zucchi how to crochet. They worked for two months and came up with a total of 250 hats that they donated to St. Jude’s, the Ronald McDonald House and a hospital.

Crochet is great as a charity project but would you learn a new craft just to give to charity? Share your answer in the comments below!

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