I have heard about crochet being used as a form of therapy for many different types of people. I’ve heard that it is sometimes used by older folks to keep their fingers nimble as they age. I’ve experienced using it as a tool to help get through depression and believe that it can also be used to assist in treating anxiety. But I had never thought about how crochet could be used therapeutically for children.

Until now.

Teresa Richardson (artofcrochet on Twitter) recently Tweeted a link to a professional journal on occupational therapy because it had a great article in it about how therapists are using crochet to assist the kids that they are working with. I would encourage you to read the entire article because it’s really interesting but some of the key points from it are:

  • “Within crochet’s age-old appeal needed, lie challenges and rewards that tie in quite nicely with the goals of occupational therapy.” I just love that crochet quote!
  • Crochet can help teach children how to select a project and form a plan for completing it. It can also teach children how to execute a sequence of movements in order.
  • The action of doing the movements required in crochet can physically aid children who are in occupational therapy. The actions are fairly simple but they do require working with different muscle groups and using fine motor skills.
  • Crocheting teaches children to overcome frustration. All of us crocheters know how that works!
  • Sharing the finished crochet projects helps build self-esteem in children and encourages the social goals that are set in occupational therapy.

Do you have any information about crochet being used to help children in therapeutic settings? I’d love to know more about it!



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  1. Beth Pitard Reply

    I am interested in this as well. If you find any information, please share it.

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