Earlier this month I noticed an article by Amy Spencer about Desert Edgy Fashion. I suppose that it caught my attention at first because of the fact that I come from Arizona and am still intrigued by desert-inspired designs. However I quickly fell in love with the article because it featured several great pieces of crochet clothing. After further exploration I found out that the crochet items shown off in the article came from a store called Solissa.

Who is Solissa?

Solissa is a New Yorker who has relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah. She saw a need in the city for a unique clothing store. Since she has a flair for putting together creative looks and she has experience in fashion she knew that this was a store that she could make work. What I really love from the article about Desert Edgy style is how there are three looks that feature crochet pieces from Solissa and all three of them are so entirely different. Compare the image above with the two below and you’ll see what I mean:

What you see are two different crochet vests and a crochet tunic. (I actually thought the tunic in the very first image was crochet as well since it has that granny square feel but apparently it’s a print silk tunic). Although the items are crochet you can see that each item is unique from the others. More importantly, the total effect of each outfit is wildly different thanks to the styling and the pieces that the crochet items are paired with. This is something important to learn about crochet as you put together your own outfits that incorporate crochet pieces!


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