The Worthington Daily Globe from Minnesota recently published an article about how busy Mayor Miron Carney is. Although he likes being busy, he really wishes that he had more downtime. What would he do if he did? Crochet!

The article explains that Carney had served on the local city council for ten years. When the previous mayor stepped down in January Carney decided to step up. In addition to serving as Mayor he is the public safety commissioner for his city, serves as the president of the local housing authority organization, and is on three committees and the board of directors of the Southwest Minnesota Rural Development Commission. So that’s why he doesn’t have a lot of time to just sit and crochet!

But he would if he could. The article mentions that he actually taught his wife Cheryl how to crochet. In addition to crocheting the mayor sews, gardens and works on home improvement projects.


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