Fascinators are making a big comeback right now due in no small part to the fact that fashion icon (and soon to be royal bride) Kate Middleton is wearing some fabulous ones these days. The trend has already taken hold in the UK and people are predicting that these headpieces will be a favorite in America in the near future. But just what is the fascinator and how has it changed so drastically from it’s original roots?

What is a fascinator?

Fascinators are basically decorative art pieces for the head. They are more elaborate and styled than a headband but they aren’t a traditional hat. They are typically worn to formal events, such as weddings, but they are now starting to make their way into more mainstream fashion. For more than two hundred years the fascinator was basically a crochet or lace shawl for the head. Then it disappeared altogether for about forty years. Now that it’s reemerged it looks nothing like the original crochet version but hopefully creative folks will bring some of that crochet style back to the fascinator in a more modern way.

Examples of Vintage Crochet Fascinators

A typical crochet fascinator from the past looked a lot like these examples:

The Gay Mantilla – pattern available on Etsy


Image from http://vintagehomearts.com

Modern Crochet Fascinators

Most of the modern fascinators that are being made are not crochet anymore. However I have found a few great examples from around the web of some crochet options for today’s gal:

Image from besthudsonvalleyweddingever.com
From Flickr user De Estraperlo

Vintage Inspired Winslet Fascinator by La Boheme

For sale by http://www.kaij.biz
feathers and crochet


Crochet Fascinator Patterns

Would you / have you worn a crocheted fascinator?



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