I have just embarked on a new crochet path that I am really excited about. I am working on repurposing older crochet garments into new upcycled / recycled/ repurposed designs. I am starting with updating an old storebought crochet dress that I have had for a few years. I picked it up at a secondhand store on a trip back home to Arizona. I loved the design and even wore the dress a few times but it just didn’t quite fit right on me. The skirt for it is layered and heavy and full and just doesn’t work on my short little frame. It weighs me down too much. Still, I like it enough that I have decided to it has never gone into the giveaway pile when I’ve gone through my closets.

After finishing my first pattern-free crochet dress I’ve gained a little bit of confidence and am wanting to make more crochet clothing. I pulled out that old dress and decided it’s time to make it work for me. I’ve ripped the entire skirt off of it so I’m left with a crochet halter top that ends at what will be the empire waist of a new dress. I’ve started creating a new skirt for myself using the Persia Malabrigo sock yarn that I bought myself in Monterey as a birthday treat. It’s only just starting and I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out or what design I’m planning to create. But I’m feeling inspired. I want to go thrift store shopping for more old crochet clothing to update with new crochet designs!

And I’m hoping to be able to attend the San Francisco event shown in the flier above to get additional inspiration for this newfound fashion passion of mine. It’s not a crochet event but it is an upcycled fashion event. What I’m doing isn’t true upcycling/recycling since I’m not suing reclaimed yarn or anything like that but it’s in the same vein since a large chunk of the clothing is repurposed from an old item. In the Discarded to Divine event (which is in its sixth year) designers take clothing that has been donated to the St. Vincent de Paul Society and they turn it into one-of-a-kind couture clothing that is auctioned off to raise money for the Riley Center for Battered Women and Their Children, the Vincentian Help Desk, the Ozanam Center and Multi-Service Center—South (all St. Vincent de Paul programs).

The event sounds amazing and I’ve wanted to go in the past but never had the opportunity. It includes a cocktail party, a silent auction, a live auction and fashion show and San Francisco cuisine. More importantly, it includes a lot of creative people showing off how items from the past can be repurposed into amazing items for the here and now – an idea that I love. The event takes place this Thursday, April 28th, at The Hall at St. Mary’s Cathedral here in San Francisco.

Have you ever turned old crochet garments into fresh new designs? Tell me about it!


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