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Tampa Bay Online has an article about a crocheter worth mentioning. Her name is Mary Ann Jorgensen. She crochets scarves, which she donates to a non-profit organization. Many crocheters do this so that alone isn’t unique. But her cause is a special one – she makes scarves to give to those folks who rescued Jewish people from the Holocaust many years ago.

The scarves are part of the a project done for the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous, an organization specifically developed to honor the efforts of non-Jews who risked their lives to protect Jewish people during the Holocaust. Jorgensen has already crocheted one hundred women’s scarves for the organization. She is now about halfway through her work on one hundred men’s scarves. She made a commitment to herself to complete these 200 scarves but she’s enjoying the process so she may make more than that in the end.

She says that she knows that a scarf is a small thing but that it shows respect for the person you are making it for and that is something that she can do to help out a cause that she cares about. She has inspired other crocheters and knitters to contribute their works to the program as well.

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