Tomorrow at The Autry Museum in Los Angeles there will be a lecture about the world famous Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef project. I won’t say a lot about the project since most crocheters do know about it but I’ll summarize it by saying it’s a math-based crochet project designed to raise eco-awareness. It’s been replicated in numerous areas around the globe in recent years.

This project was first created by sisters Margaret and Christine Wertheim. Those women are this year’s recipients of the first-ever Theo Westenberger Grant for Women of Excellence. The grant is designed to honor a living female artist (or two, apparently!) that has shown innovation any field of art.

I love that these gals were the 2011 award recipients! First of all, it’s a great award that I think is cool to even have at all. Second of all, the fact that the winners were crochet artists is just awesome since this area of art still sometimes gets overlooked by the larger art world. And third I think it’s great that a purposeful eco-art project was honored this way. Great stuff!

The lecture tomorrow will be presented by the sisters who created this huge project. It’s officially called Woolly Wonder: A Yarn About Geometry, Craft, Global Warming, and Community Art Practice.


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