Today is April Fools Day and I thought that another quote from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee would make perfect sense to me. It’s not a joke or prank per se but April Fools Day is about having a sense of humor and this author’s books are all about the humor of loving yarn. Although her books are for knitters, they make me laugh as a crocheter as well.

“Anyone would think that after decades of dedicated yarn buying, watching yarns come and go over the years, I would learn that just because a yarn is discontinued or scarce or special to me doesn’t mean that I need to buy it up and hoard it like a squirrel with obsessive-compulsive issues, trying to shield myself against the day I can’t get more.”

Ah, I have definitely been there! This quote comes from the book Things I Learned From Knitting: …whether I wanted to or not. The rest of the story that follows the quote is even better and gets funnier so if you like the beginning of it I’d definitely encourage you to pick up a copy of the book.

Have you read any of McPhee’s books? If you’re a crocheter who doesn’t knit, do you still find that you can appreciate them?


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  1. dacraftylady Reply

    ohhh they do, I just love slippers especially ones in chunky yarn. :) great pick…Debb

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