Politician Chuck Turner has been convicted of accepting kickbacks and will be spending the next three years in prison. The seventy-year-old guy will be at a minimum security facility that offers numerous classes and crafts including lessons in crochet. The Boston Herald quotes crochet expert Annissa Essaibi-George as saying that crochet is a terrific distraction from personal challenges and therefore Turner should definitely take advantage of that opportunity.

Who is Annissa Essaibi-George?

Annissa Essaibi-George is the owner of Stitch House, a fiber arts haven in Dorchester, Massachusetts. She crochets and also knits, sews and enjoys others fashionable crafts. Stitch House seems more focused on knitting than crochet (they have only one crochet class compared to many, many knitting classes) but Essaibi-George herself seems to give equal adoration to both fiber arts.

The craft program in prison

Turner is staying at a minimum security prison in West Virginia. They have a craft program that offers many different types of classes. In addition to crochet, they offer drawing, painting and paper arts. There are a lot of prisons across the nation that offer crochet classes. This is considered an alternative to knitting since crochet hooks aren’t as dangerous as knitting needles, something to consider in a prison environment! But of course crochet is a great craft in its own right.

Why Essaibi-George recommends crochet

Essaibi-George recommends that Turner participate in the crochet program because of the mental health benefits that this craft offers. She notes that it’s a popular pastime for both prisoners and the elderly and Turner falls into both categories now. She also points out that knitting (or crochet) circles bring people from different backgrounds together so even if you never had anything in common with the criminal politician before now maybe you will if he takes up crochet.

Do you agree?

Should Turner participate in a crochet program in prison. Share your answer in the comments!


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  1. ‘Crochet is a terrific distraction from personal challenges’ I for one wholeheartedly agree with that to the point that it makes me chuckle. Ergo, Chuck should pick up a hook asap.

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