Today’s crochet book review is of Crochet Techniques (Milner Craft Series) by Renate Kirkpatrick.

Who is this crochet book for?

This is a book of crochet techniques so it’s great for people who have a basic foundation in crochet are looking to take that to the next level. However, it can also be used as a crochet reference material for crocheters of any skill level as well as by crocheters seeking crochet square inspiration.

Description from Amazon

This crochet book has received several four star and five star reviews on Amazon. Here is a portion of the book description from the Amazon site:

“There are more unique crochet stitches than anyone can count—which is what makes this remarkable book so valuable for crocheters. Each of its sampler rugs introduces the reader to a variety of new stitches. One consists of 36 squares, all in yarn of the same color, yet each with its own distinctive stitch. Another is a tasseled circle made with 19 multicolored hexagons. Still more projects are based on a jacquard stitch; Tunisian crochet (also called tricot); and rochenit (sometimes known as “on the double” crochet). Making any one of them is an education in the art of crochet. Plus, the result is a spectacularly beautiful rug.”

Crochet book format

The format of the first few pages of this crochet book is as follows:

  • Simple description of what you’ll find in the crochet book.
  • Short list of what you’ll need to complete the tasks in the book.
  • Basic tips on crochet pattern reading, yarn, etc. These tips are super simple and kept very brief, which can be good or bad depending on your preference.
  • Guide to basic crochet stitches. These include easy-to-understand black-and-white drawings to show you what you’re supposed to be doing.

The rest of the book is made up of a series of projects. Here’s a description of the first project to help you understand the format of each project:

  • Name of project (Classic 36-stitch sampler).
  • Level of project (average to advanced).
  • Brief one sentence description of project. In this case it reads: “This beautiful traditional afghan incorporates 36 interesting and useful stitches that you will want to use over and over again.”
  • Photo of the finished project.
  • Requirements (hook size, amount and type of yarn).
  • Information on edging for sampler squares.
  • Information on markers, multiples and crochet abbreviations used in this pattern.
  • Chart of diagram symbols.
  • Stitch guide for non-basic stitches (such as the front post treble stitch used in this pattern).
  • Row-by-row crochet instructions for each square. For example, Square 1 for this project is the “aligned puff stitch” and it has three rows of instructions.
  • Instructions for joining the squares, completing the afghan edging and finishing the project.

Favorite examples from this crochet book

This crochet book has lots of different patterns for squares but it only has four finished projects. For that reason, I’ll only include an image of my favorite one, the Crochenit Sampler Rug which includes Tunisian crochet (a craft I haven’t tried yet myself).

Additional notes

What makes this crochet techniques book differ from many others on the market is that it is designed to teach you many different stitches and yet also supply you with a product at the end of the process (a rug). Most crochet stitch dictionaries (or motif collections) are merely dictionaries, not actual lessons in how to crochet an end product so that’s a great bonus of this book.


Have you ever crocheted a sampler rug before? Tell me your story about it in the comments!


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  1. I think this one would come in useful to me. I wouldn’t mind having it.

  2. Jackie Bourassa Reply

    Finally a guide book for those of us that want to be sure about things we might have been doing already but weren’t confident about their correctness.

  3. Julie Witt Reply

    I’ve never made a sampler rug before but I’ve been collecting patterns to make a sampler afghan. This looks like a book where everything is in one place so I wouldn’t have to pick and choose stitches from all over to find ones that I like; I would find them all in one book :)

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