The Morton Arboretum in Illinois is a non profit organization that holds more than 4000 different types of trees and plants on its 1700 acres of land. You can go here 365 days a year to learn all about these trees. If you happen to go this year you’ll also get to see a special treat – an art exhibit that includes a crochet tree cozy!

11 different international artists have been accepted for an outdoor exhibit that will run from May through November at the arboretum. They have been asked to “interpret their feelings in ways beyond limbs and leaves, unrestricted by the dimensions of a frame in “Nature Unframed: Art at the Arboretum.”  (source) Each artist chose a specific tree that inspired them and is creating a work of art for that tree.

One of those artists is Carol Hummel, a crochet artist that I’ve been wanting to profile here on the blog for awhile (but haven’t yet been able to fit in since there are so many other great crochet artists as well!) She uses her artwork to explore the ties that bind people together despite all of their differences and she seems to have an interest in green issues considering that she was the artist-in-resident at the 2010 Green World Arts Festival in India.

Hummel is a self-taught crochet artist and for her part of the project has decided to make a tree cozy titled Lichen It that will adorn a 35 foot tall tree. It is designed to emphasize the structure of the tree while simultaneously softening it. It toes the line between suffocating the tree and comforting it, an idea that intrigues me and seems to lend itself well to crochet as a medium. The crochet tree cozy reportedly took about 500 hours to make.


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  1. Awesome! Though I imagine that it took a bucket truck to get up there to get the higher branches done.

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