photo from original article by Kathryn Muller

The Mountain Express out of Asheville, North Carolina had a great article recently on a high school boys’ crochet club. The club was formerly called The Bro-chet Club (unfortunately the article doesn’t mention why it’s no longer called that although I’m guessing it has something to do with the fact that there can’t be exclusive male-only clubs in high schools) and it’s a name that made my smile.

Crochet can definitely be a form of art that guys can enjoy. The article explains that the administrators who head up the crochet club actually learned to crochet as a joke, basically to prove that girls are not the only ones who can crochet. What happened, of course, was that they learned that they loved it.

So if you need to put some macho on it and call it bro-chet then I say go for it!



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