I am still working on providing my “25 inspiring lists of 25 things for crocheters“. So far I’ve recommended 25 crochet books and looked at 25 different yarns to try. This week I’m on to compiling 25 different scarf patterns. I have to say here that I really wish that I knew how to do do video work so that I could make this post as cool as the 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf video that’s so popular right now!

But I don’t know video work (yet! I especially want to learn time lapse video and do something with that and crochet) so for now we’ll just go with a regular old list of 25 ideas for crocheting a scarf:

Same stitch, basic stitch rectangle scarf (in other words, a scarf in all single crochet or all double crochet or all treble crochet)

A repeating bobble stitch (like the one I did for Scarves for Special Olympics!)

Seaman’s Scarf. I definitely feel inspired by this design recently featured on The Crochet Cabana Blog.

Bernat Bamboo Crochet Scarf. Looks like an easy but pretty pattern.

Shell Crochet Scarf. Art of Crochet by Teresa has one free pattern.

Lion Brand’s Tweed Ruffle Scarf. So lovely!

Hand Warming Crochet Scarf. Love this idea of a scarf with pockets.

Try out a Tunisian crochet scarf pattern, like this free pattern from NexStitch.

Broomstick lace crochet scarf pattern by Vickie Howell

Lattice scarf. Woolcrafting has a free pattern for this openwork design with corkscrew fringe.

Granny square scarf. The granny square is the quintessential crochet item – make enough for the length of a scarf and stitch them all together.

Doily scarf. Similar to the granny square with doilies instead of crochet squares. This one was featured in my roundup of upcycled doily ideas.

Floral Motif Scarf. Again, just make the motif you like and stitch it together. I want to do one with carnations. This one is a free crochet pattern from FaveCrafts.

Zig Zag Scarf (Also called Chevron or Ripple Scarf). I made two of these and didn’t like how they came out but looking back I think they may have needed blocking to look better. This one is a pattern from Judith L. Swartz.

Twirl or Twist Scarf. Adore the femininity of this scarf, which is a free crochet pattern from FaveCrafts.

Loopy Crochet Scarf. Check it out – it’s definitely unique because of the yarn it uses.

Solomon’s Knot scarf. I made one without a pattern.

Stashbusting Scarf, such as this “Crazy Scarf”

Fringed decorative scarf – I think it’s fun to play with fringe

Diagonal Steps Scarf; free pattern from Anonymous Crochet

Pretty Pineapple Crochet Scarf. I need this for my hopefully upcoming trip to Hawaii – but I guess I’ll need to make it lightweight. I forget other places have seasons that don’t require scarves!

Crochet Star Scarf – now here’s a great lightweight design!

Pink Ribbon Scarf. This design has a slit to tuck one side into the other. I want to try a scarf like that whether it’s this pattern or another one.

Various ribbed scarves. Such as this one which alternates front loop only and back loop only stitches.

Beaded crochet scarf. This one is sold on Etsy by ZeraCrochetBoutique.

If you still don’t feel inspired enough to make a new scarf, check out my roundup of 100 unique crochet scarves to get more ideas!


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  4. I am looking for a pattern to make an afghan using a tool that looks like a H turn the H after every single chrochet and made a long line then hooking the lines together
    Thank for any help

  5. Styleacraft Reply

    One more unusual crochet-scarf-pattern… https://www.etsy.com/in-en/listing/263692755/crochet-diy-stole-wrap-shawl-scarf

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