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Every year in the UK there is a competition to improve the beauty of the local surroundings in various towns. This year one town, Loughborough, seeks to add crochet work to the natural plant life of the area in order to really impress the judges of the competition.

Loughborough in Bloom is part of East Midlands in Bloom which in turn is part of Britain in Bloom. The goal of this competition is to make each town more beautiful through landscaping and planting flowers and trees in creative ways. There is also an element of eco-friendliness to the competition, with goals related to environmental responsibility and creating a litter-free, environmentally sustainable town.

This year the organizers of Loughborough in Bloom have decided to add some colorful crochet to their other efforts in the competition. They have created one dozen wire framed sheep that will be placed throughout the town. They are asking people in the area to crochet colorful flowers to adorn these sheep. They believe that this extra crochet work will give them an added boost in the judge’s eyes.

The crochet part of the competition is about more than just winning the big prize though. The competition is also part of a project called Patchwork Pledge. The goal of this project is to inspire people of any age to learn new skills in celebration of the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. So new crocheters are welcome to participate in this challenge!

Flowers for the project are being accepted through May 31, 2011.


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