I considered doing a write-up last week of the crochet that spiced up the runways at London Fashion Week. Lots of other people were writing about the topic, especially about the crochet work shown off by Christopher Kane. I didn’t write it up at the time because I was still gnawing on the pieces in my mind. I fell head over heels in love with the granny squares that Kane displayed on the runway but I couldn’t quite articulate why.

Now I’ve got it … Here are the reasons I really like what Kane did with crochet squares this season:

  • Kane combines futuristic as well as retro effects. My favorite dress is the granny square dress to which Kane has added plastic inserts (featured on the right in the image above). The plastic inserts are filled with liquid. On the one hand, this is retro-inspired, flashing back to days of lava lamps in college dorms. On the other hand, the effect is very futuristic. I really love this effect.
  • Kane uses a large version of the granny square. When you see granny square fashion you almost always see repeating squares. Kane instead takes the granny square and enlarges it to create a modern fabric that is aesthetically appealing. I like the way that this hints at the old-fashioned style of the granny square but brings it into the twenty first century.
  • Kane’s color choice is impeccable. So many of the people who are using crochet for spring are using bright bold colors, especially when it comes to the use of granny squares. I love that Kane has chosen more muted fall-inspired colors for spring. I think it’s a neat effect that results in truly sophisticated pieces.
  • Kane plays with a combination of materials. I like the effect of how he’s combined crochet with plastic, leather and other materials. I also appreciate that Kane’s collection featured crochet without making it the only or even primary material used in the collection. Many designers focus on the granny squares in their collections and the result is that the full collection comes off as a bit unwearable and over the top. The way that Kane inserts his pieces in with other similar wearable pieces makes crochet seem like a normal part of the fashion world – as it should be!

What do you think of Christopher Kane’s collection and how crochet plays into it?


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  1. I’d love to get instructions for the granny square blouse… It’s breathtaking.

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  3. Karen Netzband Reply

    If anyone sees a pattern for the biker jacket, let me know!!!!

  4. Victoria Stott Reply

    Oh, a real blast from the past. I actually made up some of the granny square skirts to help fill his orders. The yarn was beautiful too. Cashmere if I remember rightly.


  5. Blackwomaneluding Reply

    Thanks for sharing. I love these pieces, especially the dress.

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