Last week I read about a group of people in Brixham, England who engaged in an act of yarnbombing to advertise a community event that was to take place that weekend. Basically they went out and attached 100 different crocheted and knitted items to various public spots on the streets surrounding the area where the event was to take place. Each of the items had a tag on it with the information about the event. This got me thinking about the use of yarnbombing as a method of advertising. I’ve thought about using this option as a way to advertise my blog and think it would be great for advertising art events, especially street art events as well as yarn stores and yarn crawls. But I do think there are pros and cons to yarnbombing as a form of advertisement.

Benefits of Yarnbombing as Advertisement

Some of the basic reasons that I think yarnbombing is great as a form of advertisement include:

  • It’s attention-getting. People are way more likely to notice colorful crocheted signage than the traditional fliers and posters used for advertising just because it’s so much less common.
  • It’s creative. That makes it a great way to advertise any type of creative event or product.
  • It’s socio-political. Yarnbombing does have a socio-political side since it is a form of graffiti. That makes it great for advertising social / political events in an area.
  • Yarnbombing brings your group together. I think engaging in yarnbombing together will really motivate your group in spreading the word about your event or product and will generate its own momentum that will be greater than just the effort of yarnbombing itself.

Drawbacks of Yarnbombing as Advertisement

Some of the potential drawbacks of this that would concern me include:

  • There remains some question about the legality of yarnbombing. Most yarnbombers don’t get harassed by authorities but you never know what could happen when you’re placing advertisements and crocheted items on public spaces. Even if you aren’t caught in the act, you can be located since you’re advertising something and presumably that includes some type of contact information.
  • The advertisements may be very temporary. Of course, any ad that you put up can be torn down but the thing about yarnbombing is that there’s often a trend for it to be quickly taken down by someone who likes what you’ve created. In normal yarnbombing this is fine but when you’re trying to get the word out about an event or a product it may work against you.
  • People might not get it. Although they’ll notice the crochet work, they may not bother to look at the tag and find out what it’s all about.

So what do you think? Is yarnbombing a good form of advertisement for some events?


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  1. I think it would be a good form of advertising. You’d have to be strategic about it though and place it places where women frequent more so than guys. Obviously. :o)

  2. i am totally intrigued by the idea of bombing & the great potential to advertise – as long as it doesn’t piss anybody off!!

    • Kathryn Reply

      I definitely need to do some more research into people who have done this successfully!

  3. (I thought I’d posted this so if it’s a repeat, just delete this!)

    I love what they did in Denver. There are some giant statues in downtown and a bunch of ladies got together and created legwarmers for them. After a few days, they were taken down, given a good wash and donated as blankets to a shelter!

    I think yarnbombing is super cool, but when it has a purpose – well, that’s even cooler!

    (The same ladies created flowers for a fence in front of a construction site, too. I believe they work with people to make sure they are doing something positive, but I may be wrong.)

    • Kathryn Reply

      You did share some of this on a previous post (a yarnbombing quote) but I love the additional info you’ve added here and am happy you stopped by again!

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