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Middle school is a great time to learn to crochet. You can learn when you are younger than this but by middle school age you have some of the patience and ability to sit still for awhile to complete more intricate projects. Many middle schoolers also have an interest in group projects and helping out in the world in some small way, something that can be achieved when crochet is taught in group settings. This is being recognized with grants that are aiding middle school girls in efforts to crochet coral reefs.

For example, students at Valley Forge Middle School received a $200 Golden Apple Grant to pay for the yarn necessary to create a crochet coral reef. Approximately fifteen girls participated in the project. Through this project they learned science with an emphasis on environmental issues. They also learned about the great experience that can be had when a group of girls sits together and crochets!

A similar situation was seen at Sandburg Middle School which started a Crochet Coral Reef Club using a $250 grant from the National Girl Collaborative Project. This project is designed to encourage girls in science, math and engineering, all of which are explored in the hyperbolic coral reef crochet project. I think it’s great that a program like this is using the “feminine” art of crochet to teach more “masculine” topics like math and science!

What do you think of these middle school crochet projects?


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