I am excited to be participating in this year’s Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, in which a number of bloggers each tackle the same fiber arts topics on their own blogs so that we can all see the different viewpoints we have on yarn-y things. Today is Day One! The topic: A Tale of Two Yarns.

The love story of Yarn #1: The first tale is a super simple love story that can be summed up a single sentence:

I love Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Yarn.

It always works for me, regardless of the project that I want to do. It’s well-priced, it comes in lots of great colors, it’s available online and at my LYS. It’s fuzzy and warm but it doesn’t shed little fuzzy hairs all over the place and it doesn’t lack stitch definition like a lot of fuzzy yarns do. Although there are gorgeous yarns that I love more than this for particular projects, it’s a yarn I always go back to. Put simply, I am in love.

The love / hate story of Yarn #2: The second story is a little bit more complicated. In fact, I’ve actually written a 1500 word story about it taht I’m trying to get placed in a magazine somewhere … but I’ll try to sum it up in a series of easy-to-digest bullet points here:

  • The yarn is Bernat Haven in White. It’s a discontinued yarn that I never used before it arrived in a yarn lot I bought off of Etsy.
  • I was immediately in love with the fuzzy cozy feel of the yarn and thrilled to see that the yarn lot contained 3 balls so it seemed like enough for a scarf.
  • I first tried a fairly complicated stitch pattern that I’d never done before. I quickly realized that there’s absolutely no stitch definition with this uber-fuzzy yarn and that I couldn’t try something new. I tried to frog it and found that the yarn clings to itself so the first bit that I’d tried to use was basically wasted. I wasn’t sure I liked this yarn after all.
  • Still convinced that I had enough yarn for a scarf, I re-started the project. It was a lot easier to proceed with a simple stitch pattern that I was familiar with since I didn’t need to see the stitches to feel my way along. (I did a combo of triple crochet and half double crochet, ribbed).
  • While working on it, I loved how it was coming out and adored the soft feel of the yarn. I re-fell in love.
  • I worked on it in bed. One day I got up and realized I was totally and completely covered in little white yarn fibers that looked like cat hair. They were also all over my bed. I fell slightly less in love with the yarn although I should have realized that this was going to happen when I was working with it and should have planned accordingly.
  • I realized too late that I’d made the scarf too wide and was going to run out of yarn. Because it seems impossible to rip back this yarn, I had to change my mind and make a cowl. That’s okay but it didn’t endear me to the yarn.
  • I made the cowl, slipped it over my head and re-fell in love with the yarn. It’s really cozy. It’s really warm and soft and great on the skin. It was worth the effort of working with it. I wondered why it had been discontinued.
  • I wore the cowl and got my entire outfit completely covered in little white hairs. Plus since it’s a cowl, lots of them got up my nose and made me sneezy. I don’t love the yarn nearly as much as I thought I did.

That’s my story! Make sure to check out all of the other posts from participating bloggers!




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  1. It seems both our tales of yarn are somewhat similar. Great and very active blog you have going here. It’s been added to my reader feed and I look forward to your other posts during this wonderful week!

  2. Vicky a.k.a. Iggystar Reply

    Oh, no! Fuzzy bits up your nose and on your clothes? It’s so funny how a yarn can seem so wonderful, then you work with it and it betrays you, lol.

    Great post!

  3. Such a shame about your cowl, I hate yarns that shed a lot like that.

  4. What a tumultuous relationship with that yarn! It always makes me sad when a fluffy, soft, gorgeous yarn leaves you covered in said fluff when you’re done with it. A nameless alpaca blend did that to me once, and it left me covered in a pile of white flecks every time I knitted it. So, I completely feel your pain.

  5. Love the love/hate relationship with some yarn. I made a gorgeous shawl out of Moonlight Mohair years ago, however on any exposed skin it’s itchy and on clothing, it sheds all over. It looks good if you put it on, never remove it. Lessons learned!

  6. love the description here! i am soooooo a cheap(er) yarn girl, anything expensive seems harder to work with, at least what i have tried!

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