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Biba was a popular fashion store in London in the 1960’s and 1970’s. It was revived recently and the current ownership is House of Fraser. Considering its roots, it absolutely makes sense that it has a place in the spotlight for Spring and Summer 2011. After all, fashions this season are all about the retro look from the 1970’s.

The “face of the label” is popular English fashion model Daisy Lowe. She’s got a great look that works well with the laidback style of 1970’s inspired clothing but doesn’t go overboard into a stereotypical hippie look. She’s the perfect model for a line that’s totally 21st century even if it’s inspired by the past.

And yes, of course, the Spring and Summer collections feature lots of crochet in them. Jumpers, maxi dresses, crop tops, pencil skirts and even shorts made entirely from crochet are currently available through House of Fraser. And then of course there are numerous other items that are embellished with a bit of crochet. Happy Spring!


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