I frequently see evidence that supports the notion that crocheters are among the most giving people in the world. People who crochet regularly invest time and money into making handcrafted items for their loved ones, their co-workers, strangers they find on swap sites and various charities that accept crochet. But perhaps no one exemplifies the giving nature of a crocheter than Shirley Mortenson.

Tom Busselberg of the Davis County Clipper reports that Shirley Mortensen is receiving this year’s annual Silver Bowl award because of the fact that she has donated 50,000 hours of her life to volunteering. That’s impressive. She began volunteering at Davis Hospital in 1976. About twenty years later she was still volunteering at the hospital and chose to join the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) of the Volunteers of America in Utah.

Of course, those 50,000 volunteer hours didn’t all go to crochet. Over the years, Mortenson volunteered on every floor of the hospital from the ER to the administration. But she did also donate crochet to the hospital. She has crocheted 500+ baby dresses, many of which she donated to the gift shop of the hospital. Presumably the gift shop was able to sell these crocheted donations to raise additional funding for the benefit of the hospital.

Mortenson was a stay-at-home mom, which gave her the time to volunteer while her husband worked. She learned to crochet from her own mother.

Do you know of any other crocheter who has donated so much time to volunteering?


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