Beauty and the Beach is a swimwear brand that specializes in crochet swimsuits. They recently gained quite a bit of attention since their crochet swimsuits were featured on “the two-page 2012 Rookie Model Search sponsored by Nissan in the recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.” (source) A red version of the swimsuit shown above was worn by Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Alyssa Miller.

Here are some things to know about this brand:

  • It is a three year-old Hawaii-based company owned by a couple (Katie Wilson and Joe Eitel).
  • They do sell traditional Spandex swimsuits as well but their real niche is in their great crochet swimsuit designs.
  • They sell a few thousands swimsuits annually (although that number may grow thanks to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit feature of their work!)
  • Many of the swimsuits are priced at under $100.
  • The goal of the company is to be “cute and fun”. It succeeds with these crochet designs!

Although I like the brand’s bikinis, I’m especially in love with their monokinis:

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