Updated: This series is now complete and you can find links to all of the finished 25 articles here.

I recently read a really inspiring article by Lindsay Keefer of the Woodburn Independent. The 26-year-old woman was writing about an experiment that she did throughout her 25th year of life. What she did was she created 25 different lists of 25 things each that she wanted to do, see and learn and then she checked off as many of those things as she could. For example, she watched 25 movies, read 25 books and listened to 25 new music artists. The article first caught my eye because one of the things she decided to learn as part of this whole thing was how to crochet.

That got me thinking about lists. Some people in my life are surprised to learn just how much I love lists. I’m a super laidback go-with-the-flow kind of person so they assume that the organization of lists isn’t something for me. But I do love lists. I make life goal lists and daily To Do lists and books to read lists and all kinds of other lists. I even make “done” lists (as in things I got done for the day) sometimes just to remind myself of what I’ve accomplished. So Keefer’s story inspired me and I thought that maybe I should make some lists of crochet stuff.

In the spirit started by Keefer, here are 25 “top 25” lists that you might want to use if you’re looking for some crochet inspiration:

  1. 25 crochet books to read (start here)
  2. 25 different yarns to buy
  3. 25 different ways to crochet a single item (such as a scarf)
  4. 25 different items to crochet (scarves, throws, dresses, doilies and on and on and on!)
  5. 25 crochet techniques to learn
  6. 25 crochet artists to learn more about (start here)
  7. 25 designers who have put crochet on the runway
  8. 25 patterns for things I want to crochet
  9. 25 quotes about crochet
  10. 25 different crochet hooks to test
  11. 25 things I’ve learned from crochet
  12. 25 crochet terms
  13. 25 crochet and yarn apps for mobile phones
  14. 25 crochet blogs to bookmark
  15. 25 crocheters to follow on Twitter
  16. 25 people to crochet with
  17. 25 people to crochet something for
  18. 25 resources for crochet news and information
  19. 25 charities that accept crochet donations
  20. 25 Etsy shops that sell crochet items
  21. 25 celebrities spotted in crochet
  22. 25 holidays to celebrate with crochet
  23. 25 ways to save money on crochet
  24. 25 crochet pattern sources
  25. 25 interviews of people who crochet

This list is just the beginning … I’ll be filling in each of these lists as time goes on and posting them here on the blog.

Will you use any of these lists to inspire your crochet? If you can think of any others, I’d love it if you’d add them in the comments below!


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


    • Kathryn Reply

      I’m totally a listmaker myself and I hope to really use this one to expand my crochet knowledge and experience!

  1. Nancy Davis Reply

    I love lists! And like you, I am a laid back and go with the flow girl! I am printing this one out. And making my own list!!! :)

  2. I like the list. My etsy shop sells crochet items Chez Mukweto and I always could use a new crochet book to learn more from thanks!

  3. I would surely use many if these lists filled in because it is surprising how many different things other people can come up withthat is so helpful. crochetsew

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @Pat – I am working on providing as much inspiration as possible!! Have you seen the updated version of this posts which links to many of the different lists?

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