Today’s crochet book review is for Crochet Chic: Haute Crochet Scarves, Hats & Bagsby Francine Toukou. This 2007 book has great modern crochet designs that are still hot today. A subtitle on the back cover of the book lets you know that the book is filled with “30 cutting-edge, fashionable crochet projects”.

Who is this crochet book for?

This crochet book is for people who are interested crochet fashion, in making crochet clothing and accessories that are chic and modern.

Format of this crochet book

This crochet book has a format that is fairly standard for crochet pattern books. It is as follows:

  • Introduction. The intro is well-written and makes you feel like you understand the person who put this book together.
  • A unique section on basics. This book, like many, has a section on gauges and hooks and yarn. What I like about it is that it is a little unique, telling you the “yarn story” instead of just saying what types of yarn are what. It’s a little novelistic in its approach and I enjoy it as a reader.
  • The patterns. You see a photo of a model wearing the item, a close up photo of the stitch or a portion of the product and the name of the product. There is a sidebar that tells you what the finished measurements of the item are, what items you will need (which yarn, what size hook, etc.), what stitches are used in the pattern (in case you need a refresher on any of them) and the gauge. There is a little intro to each piece that tells you why you’d want to wear it and there may be a note on the pattern. Then you get row-by-row instructions to complete the crochet project. This wraps up with information on finishing the project. It also tells you specifically what brand and type of yarn was used for the project as pictured in the book.
  • Basic crochet stitches are then covered at the end of the book. You can see crochet abbreviations, how to make a chain, etc.
  • Basic crochet techniques are then described. For example, there is a section on how to join a new skein of yarn.
  • Special crochet stitches are described including seed stitch and angled shell stitch.
  • Special techniques are then explained (like how to felt and how to make a pompon).
  • The last page of the book as an “about the author”, a short “acknowledgments” section and a really brief index. The index isn’t too great but it’s decent.

Favorite projects from this crochet book

This book is filled with scarves, cowls, bags and other crochet accessories. Some of my favorites are:

The Fluffster hat (which is featured on the cover of the book shown above.)

The Victoria Collar:

Chunky Char-Cowl:

Medallion Clutch:

Additional notes

The photos in this crochet book are really high quality. They are saturated with color, making them really inspirational and enjoyable to look at.

Question for readers

What would you describe as the most “chic” thing that you have ever crocheted?


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  1. I think my most ‘chic’ thing was a scarf that I made I think 16 motifs of a different color each and then crocheted black around them for a friend of mine that never got a birthday present with birthday wrapping paper because her birthday was so close to Christmas. I loved that scarf.

  2. Jackie Bourassa Reply

    These are just amazing. Have had trouble trying to find patterns for cowls that are not knitted.

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