Today’s crochet book review is for people who love to crochet hats! It’s called 100 Hats to Knit & Crochet and is by a writing team: Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss.

Who is this crochet book for?

This crochet book is for anyone who is interested in crocheting hats. The instructions are easy to follow and some would be do-able even for beginners.

Format of this crochet book

This book starts with a cute little introduction that makes you want to crochet hats. Next is a four-page spread showing thumbnail images of all of the 100 hats in the book along with their names and the page number where you can find their instructions in the book. This is followed by the patterns which are laid out as follows:

  • The top left corner of the page tells you if the pattern is for crochet or knitting
  • Photo of a model wearing the hat
  • Name of the hat
  • Name of the hat’s designer
  • Sidebar with important information including the finished hat size, the yarn used, the hook used, any other materials required (such as crochet stitch markers) and the gauge for the pattern
  • Row by row instructions. It will start with a note if there is a special stitch or something you need to know (like to work it especially tight). Each part of the pattern will be broken into its own section (like the crown and the brim or the hat and the rose attached to the hat). At the end will be any required finishing instructions.

Following the patterns you’ll find the “general directions” usually included in crochet pattern books. It starts with crochet abbreviations and symbols. then it tells you common terms (like right side and wrong side), gives you a crochet hooks conversion chart (U.S. vs. metric) and describes what gauge is. This section ends with information on how to do fringe and pompons to enhance your hats. The last few pages of the crochet book are the acknowledgements, information on where to buy the yarn and an index.

Favorite projects from this crochet book

What is great about this crochet pattern book is that there is something for everyone in here. There are vintage-inspired and modern hats, there are hats for men and hats for women, there are hats for babies and hats for teens. Here are a few of my favorite crochet hat projects from this book:

The High Roller. I think this is a great modern design that would work in many colors and could be added to a lot of outfits!

New York Skully. It’s supposed to be short like this but I’d extend it a little for personal preference. Love the colors they used in the book!

Floppy Sun Hat. I don’t love the colors on this one but think that the shape of the crochet hat is terrific!!

Additional notes

One of the pet peeves that I often have when I get crochet books that are actually crochet and knitting in one is that the two types of designs are mixed together. What happens is that I flip through the book, see a hat I like and then realize that it’s a knit hat and since I don’t knit I can’t do it. This book does mix the patterns together and I wish they were separate in the four-page spread at the start of the book. However, it does a better job than most at distinguishing the two. Not only does each pattern clearly label in bold at the top what the pattern is (crochet or knit) but there is also a section in the index that lists the crochet hats and separately list the knit hats. So kudos for that. I also appreciate that there are more crochet patterns than knit patterns. :)

Question for readers

What is your favorite thing about crocheting hats? (Mine is that it goes quickly so it’s an easy random project to do almost anytime).


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