Yarnbombing is a creative act of street art that is comparable to graffiti. Of course, as with any art movement, there are some people within each movement that agree with that comparison and others that don’t. Some traditional graffiti artists would argue that yarn bombing isn’t the same thing because it’s less permanent or otherwise differs from spray paint tagging, for example. However, these two worlds can definitely co-exist. In fact, one terrific yarnbomber and leading crochet artist has recently started paying tribute to a top graffiti artist with works of street art in New York.

Olek (learn more here) is a yarn bombing crochet artist who has gotten a significant amount of attention for her detailed and bold crochet urban artwork. Recent, Bowery Boogie has spotted a couple of pieces of her work around New York that are clearly tributes to iconic street artist Banksy (the artist that the leading documentary film Exit Through the Gift Shop is more or less about).

What Olek did was took an image associated with Banksy – the girl floating along with balloons – and crocheted it then placed the large crochet versions of the art around town in places that would traditionally be appealing to spray paint taggers. The first piece noticed was on top of 358 Broome, hanging down from the roof of this building, adding a burst of pink and purple color to its drab outer walls. The second was in a similar position on another building a few blocks away at Chrystie and Delancey.

DNA Info reported that there were actually five Banksy tribute pieces in total, erected last week and shortly before that in support of the nomination of Exit Through the Gift Shop for an Oscar (which it didn’t win).


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