Emma Layton sounds like she is probably a really cool woman. She served five years in the army during World War II, an era when women mostly supported war efforts at home rather than traveling abroad as members of the military. But doing stereotypically “male” things doesn’t mean that Layton left her feminine roots behind. She started crocheting (a stereotypically “female” art) when she was a child and is still crocheting today at the age of 88.

In fact, West Virginia Journal staff writer Jenni Vincent reports that Layton recently won first place at the 2011 National Creative Arts Festival for a crocheted throw that she created. In addition to being the first place winner of this festival, she was also voted the people’s choice winner for her crochet work.

As you can see from the photo above, Layton used very colorful yarn to create a ripple crochet blanket. The yarn was given to her by a former co-worker name Charles Marshall who is quoted as saying that loves supporting the work of such a talented artist.

Indeed, this competition was a unique one since all of the entrants were veterans. Crochet wasn’t the only work that was entered. The 200+ entries included photography, oil painting, sculptures, woodwork and ceramics. Some of the artists who entered their work are actually working artists whereas others are just participants in a veteran’s art therapy group. It sounds like there was a lot of great work featured but I do confess that I’m glad a crochet project was the winner!


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