I just wanted to share the links to the crochet artists that have been profiled on the site so far in case you’ve missed any of them:

crochet pigeons

Multimedia artist Laurel Roth. Her crochet work includes messages about women on crocheted/embroidered menstrual pads and stunningly detailed crochet outfits for wooden pigeons that make a statement on urban life.

mandy greer crochet

Mixed media artist Mandy Greer. Her crochet work includes large scale crochet sculptures with a bit of an abstract air.

shauna richardson crochetdermy

Crochetdermist Shauna Richardson. She has gained a lot of attention recently for the HUGE crochet lions she’s making for the Olympics.

green crochet art

Fiber artist Robere Mertens. He does abstract crochet artwork and also does some interesting work with sound performance.

broken heroes crochet art

Creepy, cute crochet artist Patricia Waller. She is known for her daring works of art that pair the macabre with dizzyingly cute crochet.

vasconcelos crochet art bull

Doily artist Joana Vasconcelos. Actually this multimedia artist is known for many different things but her doily crochet sculptures are of particular interest.

crochet penises

Bay area crochet artist Jack Davis. This man has been crochet penis sculptures for 30 years, something worthy of attention regardless of how you feel about his art.

olek crochet pigeon

Street crochet artist Olek. She’s gained attention with her yarnbombing but she’s also got exhibitions of her work.



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