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For some reason I’m always a little bit in love with stories about really old women who are still crocheting. I think it’s cool that a craft that they learned decades ago still plays a prominent role in their lives. I think it’s cool how many of them crochet to make their lives useful by creating items for others. And I think it’s cool that some of them continue crocheting really detailed work well into old age.

So naturally my attention was captured by an Arcade Herald story about a 101 year old woman who is known for the fiber artwork she’s donated to charity over the years. She started crocheting in 1930.

The crocheter’s name is Mabel Perkins (how classic is that?!) She has created just about every item you can imagine (doilies, afghans, sweaters, etc.) for just about every occasion (wedding gifts, charity, babies being born, etc.) In addition to crochet she’s done knitting, macrame, tatting and sewing.

Two years ago, at the age of 99, arthritis took over and Ms. Mabel was no longer able to keep up this amazing work. I’m sure that she was sad as were the people for whom she used to make her fiber items. But the work she’s crafted is still being celebrated today – and not just in the living rooms of those she’s gifted.

Perkins’ works have been put on display at a library in Machias, New York so others can enjoy what she was able to do in the nearly eighty years that she was crocheting and crafting. What a great celebration of National Craft Month as well as of the work of a lifelong crocheter.

How old is the oldest crocheter that you know?


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