Image from shoptoast of a crochet detailed top at Urban Outfitters

Crochet is making its way into a lot of different chain stores (as someone pointed out, that’s a great pun). One of the stores that regularly gets mentioned in relation to crochet is Urban Outfitters. Although I don’t usually shop here, I do think that they often have gorgeous clothing and I’m excited that it includes crochet. Some of the crochet items that are in the online Urban Outfitters store at the time that this post is being written include:

Crochet Swimsuits by Undrest:

Crochet Tube Top by Pins and Needles:

Crochet Scarf, Beanie and Top all by Pins and Needles:

Crochet Inset Tee by Staring at Stars:

Lightweight Crochet Ruana:

What do you think of the fact that a big store like Urban Outfitters is featuring so many crochet items right now?


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