Fashion Etc. recently did an interview with style icon Camila Alves. Alves is known for her work as a model, her appearances on TV shows like Shear Genius and her relationship with actos Michael McConaughey. She is known for her beauty and her sense of style. Most recently she has become known for her new line of luxurious handbags called Muxo, which is what the interview with Fashion Etc. was all about.

However, the part of the interview that caught my attention was just a single line that had nothing to do with handbags. Interviewer Colleen Nika asked Alves to share information about an item that she bought recently that she really loves. Alves answered that she really loves a white crochet dress that she bought in Brazil. She highlighted the beauty of handcrafted South American designs. I, too, noticed some great crochet work when I was in South America recently and was excited to see a style icon mention the same thing!

What’s your favorite crochet item that you’ve bought recently?


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